About Me

I have a PhD in developmental psychology from Brigham Young University (April 2024). My passion lies in examining parent-child relationships, with a focus on the role of emotion coaching to strengthen these bonds. Additionally, I recognize the positive impact of mindfulness and meditation as lifelong practices for self-care. I have firsthand experience teaching meditation courses to individuals of all ages, witnessing improved well-being and growth. Furthermore, I am committed to advocating for support systems that prioritize the unique needs of neurodiverse individuals and their families. I firmly believe in creating inclusive environments that foster acceptance, understanding, and empowerment for everyone.

To enrich my research endeavors, I draw upon my practical experience as a mother of five children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. This personal perspective allows me to integrate real-world insights with rigorous scientific inquiry, enabling me to uncover practical solutions that can have a positive and meaningful impact on families.

Listen to my podcast interview as a guest on Fight Like a Mother to learn more about how my research is intertwined with my experience.